How To Create A WordPress Blog

Do you Want to Create A WordPress Blog? You know that starting a Blog becomes difficult when you don’t know something about it. If you don’t know how to Create A WordPress blog? then Don’t worry about it. I will tell you everything about it.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

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How To Create A WordPress Blog

What Do you need to Create A WordPress Blog?

First of all, we need These Things to Start a New blog on WordPress.

  • Domain Name
  • Web Hosting

Domain Name you can say that It’s the name where customers meet you. Without any Branding Name, you cant be successful in the digital World.

Here Is Some Step to Follow For Create A WordPress blog.

Pick A Best Blog Name and Hosting

The New User makes a Big Mistake when they start a New Blog with WordPress. Mostly they don’t know which platform is better for a new blog, whether Blogger, Hubspot, Hubpages, or WordPress.

But we Prefer WordPress and our All group site is working with this Highly recommended Platform.

You know that WordPress is an Open Source Program and everyone can use it without paying any penny.

WordPress is also the Number one Program where all Top Bloggers used these Services including me.

After choosing the domain according to your  Niche, now you can select the Best Affordable Web hosting for your New blog.

There is Multiple Web-hosting company that works with the best Hosting Plan, but you can choose from Bluehost, Godaddy, Hostinger, or Site Ground.

We Recommended Hostinger for New users, Because of its cheap Price, Best Up Time, and Online chat with Representatives, you can start your blog with Hostinger Dotcom.

SETUP A Blog in 5 Steps

  • Choose Your Identity
  • Write Your First Post On Blog
  • Display Your Posts
  • Create A Naigation Menu
  • Get Your First Followers

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