Best Blogging Sites To Make Money For Beginners

If you don’t know which Platform is best start Blogging and also start A blog in hurry. We are here with theĀ  Best Blogging Sites or Platforms in 2024 which helps you to start Blogging and make money later on from this blog.

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As A Beginner you need A Platform that you can use it with ease.

Top 5 Best Blogging Sites Or Plateform In 2024

Now, We will discuss them one by one.


Blogging With WordPress is Very Easy. No Doubt, WordPress is World’s No.1 Platform for Start Blogging and getting a profit from your Blog. It is free and easy to use. You can download it from or When you buy Hosting with Any Hosting  Company, they will offer you Install Free WordPress on your blog.

wordpress org Best Blogging sites

WordPress is a Highly Recommended CMS (Content Management System) by top-level Bloggers of the World Like Shoutmeloud, Amit Mishra, and Ali Abbas. This is An Amazing Fact That 43% of Online Active Websites and blogs use WordPress For Blogging. you can try also and get better results from it.

Most newbies are Confused about and You should know that is Free and Open Source Software that can be downloaded from the site and Installed on your Hosting Server. On other hand, is a hosting Provider Company that provides you hosting with Easy and Free WordPress Installation Services.

Benefits of WordPress

  • gives you easy control over your WordPress Blog
  • You can use Thousands of Free Plugins and Themes from WordPress Directory directly through your Dashboard. There is no cost and is free to use and free updates are also available when the author Updates it.
  • Most Popular WordPress Themes come with easy Customization and New bloggers easy handle their Blogs.
  • You Know that WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly CMS. When you write a Unique and Quality Post, Search Engines accept it easily and index it into their Database.

Wix is also another top Level Blogging Platform to Start blogging. Wix Drag & Drop Website Builder will help New bloggers to Build their Blogging sites and start a Blogging Journey with the Wix Blogging Platform.

You Can Also Add your Blog to Wix Blogging App.

Wix com best blogging platform or sites to make money online has been founded in 2006 As A Blogging Place, where bloggers can create free Websites for Ecommerce, Personal and Official Use. Currently, 120 Million Users are using Wix Products and Services.

Features and Benefits

  • Wix offers you to customize your Blog with Dozens of Free templates and Third Party apps.
  • Wix Setup is Quick and easy to use.
  • With Wix, no coding Skill is required and you can build your Blog with Drag and Drop Page Builder.
  • The Free Account of Wix is Limited and on Wix Free Website will show Wix ADs and Brands Logo
  • Free Third Party are Limited
  • In Free Version, When you choose templates, you can’t change it.


Next on our list to build your Websites and start your blogging journey that is This is one of the Best CMS Programs to Create your Website with it. Joomla is perfect for Online Business Store can create Business Websites.

Joomla com best blogging platform or sites to make money online

You will see 100 Free Blog themes that can help you to Customize your Blog into a Professionally Designed Blog. With More Features and SEO, you can increase your Website Visibility in Search Engines.

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