Top Best Blogging Sites to Make Money Online

If you are using to Start a Blog and want to Make Money Online but don’t want to know about How To Start a Blog with WordPress. Don’t Worry We tell you about everything about Best Blogging Site to Start Blogging Journey. We have a Collection of Best Blogging Sites List.

There are Two Types of Blogging Sites where you can earn money online. Free and Paid, With Free Blogging Sites, you can just signup and start your Blog with Writing Best Perfect Blog Post to get approval from Google Adsense and Other Monetization Programs. With the Paid version, you need Domain and Hosting to Start your blogging journey. We will discuss both.

5 Best Blogging Sites to Make Money Online

Top Best Blogging Sites to Make Money Online

Here is a list of the Top Best Blogging Site List to Start your Career As A Blogger.


wordpress dot org

This is best for a Self-hosted WordPress Blog. You need to start Web hosting and Domain to Starts with WordPress.Org. This is the most Popular Blog Plateform loved by Creators. WordPress Powers 90% of the Website Over the Internet. Mostly Bloggers are confused with its Family Members WordPress.Com.

This Blogging Plateform is loved by those who are willing to Start Personal blogs, News blogs, Business blogs.

WordPress is very flexible and easy to use by everyone. This Platform is searched Friendly by Google and Other Search Engine and also works well with Social Media Platform. You will have full ownership of your WordPress Blog.

This Program is Free To use, but you need a domain and paid Hosting either, Share hosting or Managed WordPress hosting to start your Blog.


medium dot com

According to SimilarWebsite, Medium Dotcom has 171 Million Page Views Per Month. With the Medium Partner Program, you can make money by Writing articles on Medium. According to My Research, Medium is one of the Best Most Popular Blogging and Digital Platforms over the Internet.

When you start Writing Article, you should build an Audience according to Your Niche and then be paid by a Medium company.

Hub Pages

hub pages website earning program

Hub-Pages is a User Generated Contents Website. Where Author can pay when their Article Published and Approved. Hub Pages is USA based Website that received 2.5 Million USA Base Website Traffic. If you are Blogger then you can work on Hub pages and drive traffic to your Blog.


weebly dot com

Another Best Blogging Platform, where you can create your Own Free Blog and Share your Article Over the Internet and All World Peoples. This is drag & Drop Software and also Beginner Friendly. If you want to purchase a Simple Plan, you can buy 8$ Per Month.

Blogger Com

Google Offer Creator to Start a Blog with BloggerDotCom. With a Gmail account, you can your free blog with with easy steps. Blogspot Interface is very simple and with easy SEO Steps, you can rank your Blogger Blog with Google Search Engine. You can set up with Multiple Authors like WordPress and Other Platforms. But you can access only 15 GB Space with one Gmail Account So therefore you can make multiple author and Increased More Space for your blog.

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